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HR developments in 2017

HR developments in 2017

This week we take a closer look at movements in Human Resources. This article looks at some of the emerging skills which will benefit HR professionals in their careers.

Job- hunting HR professionals may be interested to hear that the ‘HR Leadership and Management Awards’ have recently released their shortlist for 2017. Highlighting the top talent for the industry in Ireland, it gives us an idea of the strategies being used by HR teams and professionals around the country. Importantly, it also gives candidates an insight into the skills which will make the difference to their job search. Having an up-to-date, relevant and competitive skillset is as important to your CV as experience and qualifications, and a balance between technical and soft-skills is key.

According to Forbes, the HR industry faces a range of challenges; from Talent Retention to coping with new technological developments in recruiting. Terms like CSR, Compliance and Talent Management are cropping up more and more frequently in job descriptions, and HR departments are having to take a more holistic approach to employee engagement. For this article, we have looked at some of the areas in which HR professionals can develop their skills in order to land and keep the best jobs.

Recruitment and Retention

The fundamental concern of any HR department is the acquisition of new talent. However, retaining said talent in a world where the ‘job-for-life’ no longer exists can prove challenging. That’s why HR professionals can benefit from making the ‘Human’ element of ‘Human Resources’ their top priority. Forbes say emphasis is increasingly being placed on personalising an employee’s experience, and taking all elements of their work and personal life into account. Having a strong sense of empathy as well as good listening skills will be greatly beneficial. HR Professionals are encouraged to excel in employee engagement, and good communications skills will be vital for this.


Technology is making certain elements of HR easier and more streamlined for HR practitioners. Visier refers to the need for competencies in analytics and predictive models, as artificial intelligence takes over much of the day-to-day HR activities. LinkedIn advises that HR Professionals should have a grasp of programmes like Google Adwords and Facebook Ads and an assortment of Human Resource Software Systems (such as Kronos Workforce or Sage). Social Media skills are also beginning to affect recruitment practices, and it is now essential for HR professionals to be able to manage an online presence and screen potential candidates.

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