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Managed Services

Employers managed services

Achievers Resource Solutions Managed Services is a complete bespoke service with a beginning and no end. We effectively become all or part of your HR department depending on the needs of your organisation.

The Managed Services option provides you with a cost effective and time efficient way of dealing with your people resourcing requirements at every level of your company. By capitalising on our expertise and extensive experience in people management:

Employers managed services
  • You reduce the risk of placing the wrong people in the wrong job.
  • You have access to a wide, varied and vetted talent pool.
  • You reduce your recruitment costs.
  • You achieve continuity of service through our extensive knowledge of your organisation.
  • It makes very good business sense. We provide a comprehensive HR and staffing service allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

Here’s how Achievers Resource Solutions deliver this service:

Getting to know you

  • We meet, discuss and agree what your needs are.
  • We look into your organisation to see what is currently working for you.
  • We identify your skill gaps at every level in the organisation.
  • We discuss the culture in the organisation and how you want to progress.
  • We agree priorities and timelines around your staffing and HR requirements.

Introducing the best candidates

  • We put our extensive talent sourcing process into action.
  • We gather and read all CVs using a dedicated email address.
  • We screen and shortlist candidates who meet your qualifications and essentials criteria.
  • We then face to face interview all suitable candidates.
  • We shortlist again – this time using our expertise and judgement and present to you a list of ‘best fit’ candidates.
  • We email unsuccessful candidates on your behalf with pre-agreed text thereby ensuring no damage to your brand.
  • We co-interview with you and advise on the best person to fit the position in your company for now and into the future.
  • We take care of the ‘offer’ to the candidate. From negotiation, reference gathering and contract signing.
  • We give you complete transparency – at the end of the process, we provide you with a Statistics Report detailing numbers of individuals we have screened, presented, hours spent etc. on your behalf.

Managing your HR function

  • We manage part or all of your HR function.
  • We advise and guide your company through building effective senior management teams and boards of Directors.
  • We carry out psychometric testing and analysis.
  • We develop performance and reward schemes that fit your company.
  • We develop leadership training programmes.
  • We provide coaching for your senior executive management teams and Boards of Directors.
  • We keep you abreast of recruitment trends, legal and obligatory changes in people employment.


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