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How To Use A Recruitment Agency – Effectively

How To Use A Recruitment Agency – Effectively

Recruitment Agencies are a vital part of the modern job market. We give you some tips to ensure you get the most out of using them while job-hunting.

You want to return to the jobs market, whether it’s because you want a new job, a career change or you are coming back into the work force, the end result is the same – you want the right job for you. There are number of ways you can accomplish this, one of which is using a recruitment agency.

A number of months ago we wrote an article focusing on Why Use a Recruitment Agency, now we are going to give you a few tips on, How to Use a Recruitment Agency, to get the job you want.

Be selective about which agency you choose

There are numerous agencies operating in Ireland, but they generally specialise in specific areas. For example take ourselves Achievers Resource Solutions, we specialise in Accountancy and Banking, Financial Services, Technology, HR, Engineering and the Hospitality sectors. Choose an agency which operates in the sector you wish to work. You can register with as many agencies as you want and it will cost you nothing. However, our advice to jobseekers is to apply the less is more principle and select a small number who operate in the areas you want to work, those with a good reputation and agencies with which you want to be associated.

Make initial contact

Send in your CV, call the agency and/or you can apply via jobs they have advertised on job boards or directly on their websites. If the agency has suitable positions available they will wish to meet with you. It is important that the recruitment consultant meets you prior to putting you forward for a job. It is at this point they get to see beyond your CV, so make an effort for your first meeting. Very often jobseekers don’t view the recruitment consultant meeting as an interview. They often see this meeting as a casual chat – don’t make this mistake. Present yourself as if you were attending an interview with a future employer. Remember, they see many jobseekers every week, so use this opportunity to stand out – first impressions are lasting ones.

Know what you want and what you don’t want

Be clear and honest with your recruiter. Tell them exactly what you want your next job to be. This level of honesty helps the recruiter tailor your CV to roles which will suit you. However, they know the recruitment business and so they will be realistic and may advise you on your expectations. If you have some deficiencies in your CV they will advise you on what you need to do to improve your chances of getting the desired job. So take on board their advice and direction. Remember this is their area of expertise, they know what employers are looking for.

Build a relationship with your recruiter

We see our recruitment consultants as your career development partner. But like all good partnerships there needs to be a level of trust between the two partners. Often candidates get frustrated as they feel their recruiter is either contacting them too little or too much. Remember they see a lot of jobseekers every day and usually operate on the basis that if a suitable position arises they contact you immediately. A good agency should always check with you first before putting your details forward for a specific role. If there are any companies with whom you do not wish to work then you should let your consultant know. We advise you have these conversations with your recruitment consultant when you first meet. The attractive thing about this relationship is that you are both after the same thing, (albeit for different reasons) – the right job with the right employer for you.

At Achievers Resource Solutions we believe PEOPLE turn a company into a brilliant business and this is why we are both serious and passionate about ‘people fit’.

Check out our Jobs List to see if we currently have a position which suits you, or simply contact us today. Always keep in mind that a well-written CV is an important first step of any job search. This article will help you to write a CV designed for the Irish job market.

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