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ICT Professionals; the world is your oyster – provided you have the right skills

ICT Professionals; the world is your oyster – provided you have the right skills

This week, we take a look at the booming ICT industry in Ireland. In this article, we will show you how to turn the demand for ICT professionals to your advantage.

As the ICT industry goes from strength to strength, it represents a fantastic opportunity for technology professionals on the job-hunt. Many employers are willing to pay highly attractive salaries for upcoming roles. This Silicon Republic article reports that many ICT professionals can expect a pay rise of 3% or more in 2017.  Daily, we hear of prominent multi-national companies relocating to Ireland, most of which rely heavily on ICT. Over 105,000 people are employed by the Technology sector today. Businesses are crying out for experienced candidates with up-to-date and relevant skill sets, reflecting the constantly changing nature of Information Technology globally.

However, along with these favourable prospects come significant challenges. As businesses compete for physical space in high-demand areas such as Dublin, they must also deal with a growing shortage of highly skilled job candidates. According to Silicon Republic, 80% of ICT employers have had trouble filling their ICT roles. There could be many factors for this skills-gap, whether it be a lack of specialisation at third level, or a need to encourage conversion courses and promote ICT to students at second level.

Making sure that you stay aware of the ICT trends and role requirements can greatly help your job search.

We have compiled a list of some of the most in-demand ICT skills currently in Ireland. These skills will become increasingly vital to the running of large and small businesses, and will serve to make you highly desirable to prospective employers:

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is the storage of data on remote servers. This means that businesses can negate the costs of storing important data in-house while being able to access it across a range of devices. Jobs include Cloud Support, Cloud Solutions Architects, and those specialising in Cloud migration, who oversee the transferring of a business’s data. Popular platforms include Microsoft Azure, Oracle and Amazon Web Services. A foundation knowledge of Cloud systems is important for any ICT professional.

ICT Sales

ICT Sales is a growing sector, specialising in selling hardware and software to large and small businesses and individuals. Most roles require a high level of customer service and management, as well as post-sales follow up. A thorough knowledge of the list of products sold by a company is also a necessity.

Big Data

Data Protection Managers, Data Analysts, Data Modellers and Statistical Analysts are needed across a broad spectrum of industries in 2017, ranging from Finance to Pharmaceuticals. Being able to successfully interpret data and implement recommendations is vital to businesses. This Irish Times article also states that independent data protection officers will be needed for public authorities and some companies processing large amounts of personal data.

Cyber Security

According to Business Insider, Ireland has the second-highest demand for cyber security professionals in the world, with Network security being the main business concern. Given Ireland’s reliance on technology roles, it is important that more ICT professionals specialise in this skill. Organised Denial Of Service attacks, hacking, malware and data theft all present significant threats to businesses. Increased use of mobile devices also poses a risk. Cyber security is a high-demand role which could offer a multitude of opportunities for relevant jobseekers.

Java Development

These roles include Software Engineers and Java Developers, among others. They are involved in the development and testing of numerous interfaces from websites to mobile applications and other products. Developers can specialize in standard, enterprise or mobile Java systems.

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