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It’s Annual Leave Time- But What About the Pre-Holiday Stress?

It’s Annual Leave Time- But What About the Pre-Holiday Stress?

As the holidays role in, relaxation is not always a guarantee. This article will show you how to be prepared at work to make the most of your time off.

It’s the holiday season and with that comes pre-holiday stress for employees. It’s that feeling of so much to do and so little time to do it! And the more responsibility you have in work the greater the stress. You spend the week before you leave the office trying to cover off all the outstanding things on your to do list, trying to figure out who you are going to give various responsibilities to and the list goes on.

Achievers Resource Solutions have a few ideas that might go a little way to help reduce the level of pre-holiday stress you are experiencing.



Make a list of all the tasks to be done and then decide what absolutely has to be done by you and what has to get done before you leave. But remember it is highly unlikely you will be able to do everything! This brings us onto the next point.



Delegation is something that comes very easy to some people and almost impossible to others. If you are in the latter category then your pre-holiday stress is definitely at the upper end of the scale. If you work in a team or have a team working for you, hold a meeting a week or so before your leave commences. Discuss with everyone their workloads and select individuals who have the capacity and skills to take on some of your work in your absence. Once you have identified the individuals, fully explain what needs to be done while you are away. Administer any necessary training and make any third party introductions your colleagues may need. If you have created ‘job cards’ for specific tasks make sure your colleagues know where to find these and any other files that may be required while you are on holidays.


Create a buffer around your holiday

Set aside a few days before your trip which you use to concentrate on wrapping up some projects, issuing urgent emails and attending only important meetings. It also helps to leave the day you come back to the office free of meeting and specific tasks. This is to allow you catch up and clear out your inbox – think of it as the office equivalent of unpacking your suitcase.



Your ‘out of office’ is an invaluable tool. Firstly, don’t forget to put it on your email and phone. Secondly, don’t just say you won’t be available for a number of days/weeks. Specify the date you are returning (remember to include your buffer days) and if at all possible, give a name and number of someone who can be contacted in your absence. If you are in position where you cannot completely block out all contact from your colleagues then make the same arrangements before you go. Nominate only one or two people who can contact you and be specific with them as to what they are to contact you about. In this way you limit the number or emails or phone call you have to take.

We are all entitled to annual leave, in fact holidays in general reinvigorate people and can result in a much happier workforce. So go and enjoy your summer break – you’ve earned it.

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