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Keeping Your Employees Motivated During The Summer Holidays

Keeping Your Employees Motivated During The Summer Holidays

Focus and productivity doesn’t have to go out the window as the summer arrives. In this article, we will show you how to keep your team activated during the summer months.

Summer is well and truly here, although our Irish weather is still struggling to come up with the temperature figures. But despite the weather you will find that the summer feeling is alive and well in the office. This can often bring about a more relaxed and sometimes less focused attitude in your staff. So, what can you do, as a company owner or manager, to keep your staff motivated and ensure continued productivity for the company? Here’s a few suggestions from Achievers Resource Solutions.


Communication is key – Keep your employees or team members in the loop. Make sure that if someone is on holiday leave everyone knows who is the ‘point of contact’ while that person is away or who is looking after the key duties normally fulfilled by that employee. Hold weekly meetings with the team and ensure everyone knows what is expected of them and what the deliverables are for the week. See our previous blog on ‘Coping when staff take holidays’ for some useful tips.


Offer flexible working hours – ever thought of introducing a ‘summer hours policy’ as a perk of the job! Basically, you could allow staff to work the same number of hours but starting and finishing earlier than the normal 9:00 to 5:00. Of course, this would have to be managed so that the business does not suffer, but you might be surprised at how motivated your staff can be at getting the job done if they want to leave the office early. Flexible working hours can boost staff moral and get rid of that feeling of ‘missing out’, especially in Ireland when it shines on workdays only!


Relax the dress code – if possible allow staff to dress casually for a day a week. It will give employees a break from the often ‘stuffiness’ of formal office wear. However, you will have to set out clearly what is acceptable ‘causal dress’ – after all you are running a business and how your staff present themselves will reflect on your business, especially customer facing personnel.


Reward the hardworking – often the holiday season can bring extra pressure on employees who sometimes find their workload increases due to the absence of a colleague. It is important to recognise the extra your employees do during the summer months or the extra effort a staff member might put in to hit a target or get a project finished. Rewards do not always have to be monetary – see Rewarding your staff without splashing the cash for some ideas.


Events – hold a summer event and if the weather allows, take it outside. Expand the event beyond employees only, encourage them to bring along their family. Events are also a great way of building team spirit often resulting in better employee engagement.


Embrace the summer – the desire to play, relax and enjoy summer does not end when you leave your school days behind. We all remember that feeling of ‘school‘s out for summer’. Try to avoid the ‘grin and bear it’ approach and instead bring summer into the workplace. Why not turn the boardroom into a book shop once a week – employees returning from holidays can pass on recommended reads to colleagues, set up a lunchtime ‘chew and chat’ book club. You could even turn it into a charity event!


Bring the sunshine into the office – you’d be surprised how it can affect staff morale and ultimately productivity. The culture of an organisation can make a massive difference to how you attract and retain employees. Developing a positive culture in your company is largely up to you.

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