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Looking For A New Job – Five Tips To Get You Started

Looking For A New Job – Five Tips To Get You Started

It might be time to re-vamp your approach to job hunting, and this article is full of tips and advice to show you how.

With the economy returning to growth mode people are once again becoming jobseekers. Some of you are very active, looking in every possible portal, while others are just waiting for the right job to appear before them. Both strategies are probably not the best way to find a new job. We’ve compiled 5 tips to help you get from CV to interview.

Feel the fear and do it anyway
For so many of us it is easier to just put up with whatever the current situation is. This reaction is mostly driven by fear, the fear of rejection, the fear of making the wrong decision, the fear of the unknown and the list can go on. The problem with fear is that it paralyses us and the result is we do nothing. So the first thing you have to do is lose the fear and believe in YOU. Because if you don’t you’re not going to convince a future employer to believe in you.

What gets planned gets done
Decide what you want to achieve from your next job. Establish what you like to do and what you are good at. Create a short list of recruitment agencies and/or employers you want to work with. Above all be realistic, if you do not have the correct qualifications or skills for your dream job, then figure out how you can overcome this obstacle. Plan your future. For guidance on using recruitment agencies in your job search check out our previous blogs on How to Use a Recruitment Agency and Why Use a Recruitment Agency.

One size does not fit all
We are now very much living in the age of ‘individualisation’. You need to stand out from the crowd and you also need to appeal to the employer. Do not just produce a generic CV and cover letter. Each time you apply for a job you need to tailor your CV and your cover letter to the job requirements and to the employer. This may require some research on your part but believe us it will pay off. If you are using a recruitment agency they will help you.

Less is more
The question most jobseekers ask – how long should my CV be? We recommend 2 pages but definitely no more than 3. Really anything more than this and you will lose the attention of your reader. In fact you need to grab their attention in your opening paragraph. So always lead with a brief introduction of who you are and what you offer. But keep it short you have approximately 3 seconds to get your reader interested in you. For more help read our article on How to write a CV.

Show and tell
This is where you must blow your own trumpet. You should highlight your achievements and not a vague way. Be specific, for example – don’t just ‘oversee’ a task, tell your reader about what you achieved and how it benefited the company. Remember, recruitment agencies and HR departments are receiving CVs everyday, they are busy people and do not always have the time to read between the lines. You need to highlight your successes and stand out if you want to make it to interview.

So get your new job search started today.

Check out our Jobs List to see if we currently have a position which suits you, or simply contact us today. Always keep in mind that a well-written CV is an important first step of any job search. This article will help you to write a CV designed for the Irish job market.

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