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Recruitment Agencies Never Call Back

Recruitment Agencies Never Call Back

Dealing with Recruitment Agencies can be tricky for those unfamiliar with them. In this article,we break down their inner-workings for you…

Being ignored is one of those things that really annoy people. Over the years we have heard it said many times ‘I sent my CV to a recruitment agency and they never called me’. And yes this sometimes happens – but usually it depends on how you contacted the agency in the first place.

Did you reply to an advertised job?

In today’s digital world once a job is advertised online the volume of CVs /applications an agency receives often runs into the thousands. Each CV has to be scanned and viewed to see if that candidate is suitable to present to the hiring company. This takes a huge amount of time and results in agencies having to concentrate on those who fit the job rather than those who do not. A very good way to avoid this situation is to truly read the job requirements, be realistic and only apply directly for a job if you qualify. Then you will hear from the agency.

Did you speculatively send your CV directly to the agency?

As with the above situation it is important that you match the agency. By this we mean some agencies concentrate on specific industries – technology, engineering, hospitality etc. So take technology for example if you are not qualified or experienced in the IT sector then there is no point sending your CV to an agency who specialise in placing candidates with IT companies. You probably won’t hear from them. They would be wasting your time as well as their own. On the other hand if you match the agency and you still do not hear from them then they are at fault and clearly have a communication problem.

You have heard from the agency – only to tell you they are keeping you on file!

We have included this one as we find that often candidates feel ‘keeping your details on file’ as frustrating as not hearing at all from the agency. But you should not read this as a negative. It really means we actually think you are very good and do see a time in the future when we may have a job which will suit your skillset. It is just at the moment we either do not have a role which would suit you, or we have people with more relevant experience for the role you are applying for – it really is that simple. Which leads us to the next point…

Recruitment agencies don’t listen… they just want you to take any job so they get paid.

As a recruitment agency we work for both candidates and companies and it is our job to place the right person in the right job – something we take very seriously. It really is in no one’s interest to place the wrong person in the wrong job with the wrong company. Most agencies do not get paid in this situation. So it would not make very good business sense to push a candidate into a job that they are not qualified to do or would not like.

At Achievers Resource Solutions, we find the most important thing to jobseekers is finding the right job in the right environment. And the most important aspect for companies is finding an employee who can not only do the job but who will also fit into the culture of the company.

We call it ‘people fit’.

Check out our Jobs List to see if we currently have a position which suits you, or simply contact us today. Always keep in mind that a well-written CV is an important first step of any job search. This article will help you to write a CV designed for the Irish job market.

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