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Selecting staff for the long term

Selecting staff for the long term

In order to cultivate a stable and cohesive workforce, retaining employees is vital. This article will help you to pick the right staff that will be with you for the long-haul.

Retaining employees is a very important part of running a successful company as replacing staff, especially valued members, can be both costly and disruptive to business. Once you have recruited and trained your employees you want them to stay. At the recruitment stage you should always keep in mind – ‘will this person stay with the company for the long term?’ While it is always valuable to look at the obvious factors such as appearance, track record, experience and education to assess candidates, studies have shown that the following factors are the most important predictors of future long-term success on the job.

Motivation and Achievement

Motivation and achievement are closely linked. A person’s motivation is that inner force or power which drives them to achieve. When probing for indicators of a person’s motivation, look for those things, which they value as significant achievements, and try to establish why they valued those achievements.

Atitudes and Values

These terms, along with standards, mean almost the same thing. They are the basic factors, which determine what a person considers important in life, what they consider good or bad, desirable or what they will strive for or avoid. They can be strong motivators.

Attitude is most commonly displayed as a behavioural response to a set of circumstances. Be careful about judging Attitudes, as you may not have a full understanding of the background.

Ability and Aptitude

This is a measure of a person’s ability to learn adapt and change. In many cases, a person with a strong aptitude or ability will compensate for a lack of experience by an ability to pick things up quickly. This may often be a benefit as they may have fewer bad habits.


A person’s emotional maturity is a measure of their sense of realism. It displays an ability to face the facts about themselves and their circumstances. Change what they can and cope with what they cannot change. Such people are usually stable, loyal, honest and dependable. They usually get on well with others.


Stability in this context is an ability to form long term stable relationships with people, places and things. People who stay in the one job for a long time may be described as being very stable. However, it is important also to measure their attitude and approach to change. They may be too rigid in their approach.


This is a complex area and is most easily assessed by using personality tests, until an interviewer has developed their skills to a high degree. Aspects of temperament include such factors as: Goal Orientation, Co-operation, Sociability, Patience, Thoroughness, Sense of Urgency, Compliance, Determination, Independence, Persistence and Ambition

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