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Why Use A Recruitment Agency

Why Use A Recruitment Agency

 Working with a Recruitment Agency can greatly enhance your job search. In this article we give you 4 great reasons why using them is beneficial to you… 

Recruitment agencies play an integral role in the sourcing and placing of staff. Basically they are the ‘matchmakers’ – they see the problem from both sides, jobseekers looking for the right job and companies looking for right staff. And yes finding a job or finding staff is something you can do yourself. But ask yourself, would it be the best use of your time and will it always yield the best results? Below are four reasons why you should use a recruitment agency.

It’s their business

Recruitment agencies are specialists in placing people in the right jobs in the right companies. Basically, it’s their core business. They therefore have a deep knowledge, understanding and experience in placing people in jobs that benefit employer and employee equally. This is in contrast to organisations where recruitment is not their core business but is a necessary activity for their business to function successfully. As a result a great deal of time can be expended on filling one job vacancy. Outsourcing your staffing needs to a recruitment agency simply makes good business sense.


It’s about quality not quantity – or at least it should be.

If you are looking for a job or career change, think of all the companies you would have to go through to find a job that suits you. If you are looking for staff, think of the number of CVs and first and second round interviews you would have go through before you get to a shortlist of candidates, let alone find the right candidate. A good recruitment agency does not play the numbers game – they concentrate on presenting only the best fit candidates to the company. In our experience this is the best option for both jobseekers and talent seekers. We do not believe in sending numerous candidates to a number of companies. We do the work by getting to know both parties and that way we find the solution that works best for everyone.


Recruitment agencies have connections

Recruitment agencies are all about building relationships. A good professional agency works in partnership with the companies they represent. They usually specialise in certain industries and as a result have a reputation and relationship with many relevant and industry specific jobseekers – those who are actively looking for a job but also those who are not actively looking but if the right job came about they would be very interested. So recruitment agencies have a network of both companies and candidates which they can draw on when a position needs to be filled.

It’s in their interest to do a good job for both employer and jobseeker

In general recruitment agencies do not get paid until they fill the job vacancy with the correct candidate. So no matter how many hours/days have been spent finding the right person for the job the company is only billed when the person accepts the job offer. At Achievers Resource Solutions we make sure we get to know our jobseekers and equally we spend time getting to know our clients, so that we can make the match which will work for both parties. Then and only then do we get paid!


Use your recruitment agency as your strategic partner. Jobseekers – make your agency your career development partner. And companies, you will always have staffing needs so make your recruitment agency an integral part of your business. At Achievers Resource Solutions we believe PEOPLE turn a company into a brilliant business and this is why we are both serious and passionate about ‘people fit’.

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