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Work Life Balance for Dads

Work Life Balance for Dads

For many people in society, the role of a Dad has changed. In honour of Father’s Day, we take a look at how Dads can find a better work-life balance.

Sunday 21 June is Father’s Day, which got us thinking about dads, their kids, their jobs, their partners and how in today’s world the father figure has changed. In the most part the modern dad, while still ambitious, is much more involved in the family. They want to be part of their children’s lives and that includes families where the dad is the only person working outside the family home. Although greater involvement of fathers in the family unit is very much a good thing, we know as a recruitment agency, work and career pressures and responsibilities are not decreasing. Dads are now facing the difficulty of juggling work and home life. So, we thought it would be a good idea to give dads a few tips when it comes to achieving work life balance.

Change in attitude

Work to live not live to work! This is no place for workaholics, time management is the key. You have to learn to prioritise your workload and that means saying no sometimes. So isolate the unimportant tasks and simply remove them from your workload or delegate them to someone else who can do them.

Turn off

By this we mean – your mobile phone, your email and all other technologies that keep us firmly attached to our work, when you are at home. Whether at home or work you have to learn to be fully present in the moment. Otherwise you will not achieve any balance at either work or home.

Be flexible

You may not have the luxury to reduce work hours and responsibilities, but maybe you can change a few things around. For example, finishing work earlier to be with the family for a few hours in the evening and then resuming some work tasks after the kids have gone to bed.

Be together

Whether it’s eating one meal a day together as a family or setting a night a week aside as ‘family night’ it’s a good idea to just spend time together. But remember as pointed out earlier be present!


The good news is that more and more organisations are recognising that Dads also have to balance work and life – it’s not just for girls.

Happy Father’s Day to all Dads from Achievers Resource Solutions.

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